Vignette 2017

The inaugural Vignette took place during Dallas Arts Week, April 5th - 9th, 2017, at the former Women's Museum Building in Fair Park, and was curated by the Dallas Museum of Art’s Chelsea Pierce. Pierce holds a BA in Anthropology, minor in Art History from the University of Oklahoma and an MA in Museum Studies from New York University. Programming for the fair included Viewpoints, a series of panel discussions with local, female industry leaders, and Vocations, which featured local women-owned businesses. The opening the night of Wednesday, April 5th, drew a crowd of over 250 people.


Notes from the center

This year’s title, Notes from the center, pays homage to the ideas presented by acclaimed critic and art historian Lucy Lippard, who noted in her volume of collected essays, From the Center, that true equality is achieved through revolutionizing rather than just reforming the current system; through creating a structural support for women that exists equally and alongside the current establishments. On January 21 st of this year, women took to the streets in astonishing number to protest for women’s rights, a unified action that spanned the globe. The Women’s March, along with the many recent women-centric art exhibitions, are an integral part of redressing the current patriarchy by promoting empathy and inspiring change. Not just to occupy, but to build and cultivate a space for women in the world. The inaugural Vignette art fair will activate this vision and put thought into practice. It is a blank page for women’s art to be considered within its own aesthetic and material contexts and to present views from the female perspective.

Notes from the center, presents a selection of women artists working throughout Texas. Visual field notes that take account of women’s artistic production and reveal creativities yet to be embraced by institutions. The cross-disciplinary survey of nearly thirty women artists is organized by three themes: Identity, Engagement, and Reflection. Identity celebrates the cultural diversities that define the identities of women artists working in the present day on the basis of sexuality, ethnicity, religion, and politics. Engagement is a room-wide installation that considers the relationship between viewer and object, and comments on participatory elements that can be expanded upon in a broader philosophical framework. Reflection is a meditation on the legacy of female participation in the arts, looking at the history through a feminist standpoint and in contemplation of a feminist future.


2017 Artists

Hannah Aaron
Lilibeth André
Chesley Antoinette
Andrea V. Ariza Barba
Sarah Barnett
Rebecca Boatman
Melanie Brannan
Sanah Brown
Eilene Carver
Meredith Cawley
Janet Chaffee
Ginger Sisco Cook
Rachel Fischer
Lea Fisher
Danielle Georgiou
Erika Jaeggli


Ruth Keitz
Sonali KhattiPooran Lashini
Laura Lleal
Erika McIlnay
Caitlen Nichole Meza
Carmen Menza
Cynthia Salzman Mondell
Laura Moore
Deanna Ooley
Fari Rahimi
Sara Rastegarpouyani
B.B. Renee
Patricia Rooney
Ashley Varel
Adrienne Wong


Vignette Programming

Vocations was a section of the fair dedicated to Dallas-based women-owned businesses. These businesses were on display during the opening. This year’s exhibitors included Artist Uprising, an App + Publication and Sukan, a jewelry designer.

Viewpoints was a series of panel discussions with local, female, industry leaders. It is a platform with which to explore issues relevant to the North Texas art community.

On Art and Community Panel
Catherine Cuellar, Director of Partnerships, RefillWise
Jin-Ya Huang, Mixed-Media Artist
Cynthia Salzman Mondell, Independent Filmmaker, Media Projects, Inc.
Jennifer Scripps, Director, Office of Cultural Affairs
Constance Y. White, Principal & Lead Creative, SLDcreative

On Art and Collecting Panel
Jessica Brit Ingle, Independent Curator, Art Consultant, and President, Texas Women’s Caucus for Art
Leigh Arnold, Assistant Curator, Nasher Sculpture Center
Joan Davidow, Collector and Co-Founder, Site 131
Joanna Hogrefe, Artist and Founder, Tempestuous
Cassandra Porter, Art Collector