2018 Vignette Curators

Vignette Art Fair was conceived along these lines as an alternative fair that highlights talent that has been under-recognized and made ancillary by art institutions and establishments. This satellite fair will bridge the gap between local and international art scenes by displaying the work of creative female, and female identifying, minds during a time when the international art market descends on the city.

Erin K. Murphy

The general exhibition, containing traditional 2d and 3d works, will be curated by the San Antonio Museum of Art’s Erin K. Murphy.

Jessie Moncrief

This year's fair will expand upon the successful programming of 2017 to include Virtual, an exhibit dedicated to New Media Art and curated by New Media artist and entrepreneur Jessie Moncrief.

Dee Lara

Venture, a showcase of interactive art mediums, such as social practice, installation, and performance art, curated by social-practice artist and curator Dee