Viewpoints is a series of panel discussions with local, female, industry leaders.
It is a platform with which to explore issues relevant to the North Texas art community.

Women’s Work: Curating in Context

Saturday,  April 13, 11:15 am

How does a curator approach women’s artwork? This panel invites curators, directors, and artists from the North Texas community to discuss the role of the curator in the context of an all-female exhibition. Panelists will discuss how they engage with gender in their work and their insights into what an inclusive curatorial practice looks like. A Q&A will follow the discussion.


Rebel Girls & Radical Women: The Everyday Revolutions of Feminism & Art

Saturday,  April 13, 12:45 pm

This panel will offer diverse viewpoints from artists, organizers, and activists to address the intersections and manifestations of feminism and art. What bearing does feminism have on art today? How do we engage with a historic yet ongoing movement? A Q&A will follow the discussion.